Specialist Bone Health

We have specialist experience in bone stress injuries and other bone problems specific to sporting men and women.

Bone stress injuries and stress fractures are among the most frequent injuries that we manage. As well as rapid assessment and diagnostics we investigate the underlying risk factors that contribute to the development of any bone stress injury. This links into our work with females athletes who can be particularly prone to bone stress injuries.

As well as stress fractures Dr Jones, Dr Newton and Dr Speers have experience in the management of bone oedema syndromes including ‘osteitis pubis’ (better described as bone oedema in the pubic bone due to mechanical stress and lumbopelvic weakness), transient regional osteoporosis and associated insufficiency fractures.

We receive referrals from other sports medicine doctors to help manage bone stress and bone oedema syndromes that have not settled with standard treatments. For a long time we have been using bishosphonates in the management of bone marrow oedema syndromes and also PTH analogues in difficult stress fractures. We can provide day case services at The Manor for therapies that require intra-venous infusion.