How do I make an appointment?

Please use the contact page on this website to contact our Practice Manager, Harriet Christian, who will be able to discuss making an appointment for you.

How much is an appointment?

We are recognised by all major private insurers.  We are also able to offer appointments for self pay at a cost of £250 for an initial consultation and £180 for follow up consultations.  The cost of additional treatments are available upon request.

How is sports medicine different from physiotherapy?

Consultants in Sport and Exercise Medicine are medically qualified. This means that they are able to make medical assessments which take the injury in the context of the overall medical condition of the patient. In addition sports physicians have access to and are able to perform medical investigations and medical procedures. We work very closely with physiotherapy to use the combined expertise of both disciplines to the maximal advantage of individual patients.

When and where are clinics held?

OxSEM run routine clinics throughout the week.  

Dr Jones and Dr Newton run their clinics at The Manor Hospital, Headington and Dr Speers runs his clinic at The Cherwell Hospital, Banbury and the Priory Medical Practice in Warwick.  

Do you offer virtual appointments?

OxSEM is pleased to be able to offer a mix of virtual, telephone and face to face appointments.  Whilst we would always prefer to see people in person, we recognise there are instances where this may not be possible and are skilled in virtual and phone consultations. 

Are your appointments Covid Safe?

OxSEM Consultants will only practice at CQC certified hospitals, all of which have Covid safe policies in place which are stringently adhered to. 

Tell me more about the team

We are a team of Consultants in Sport and Exercise Medicine, who work closely together at the World renowned Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford and lead the Sport and Exercise service there for the NHS.

We are specialists in Sport and Exercise Medicine with many years of experience delivering Sport and Exercise medical support to both elite and recreational athletes. We pride ourselves on providing high quality clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment to give you the best possible chance of returning to the Sport of your choice in the best possible condition.

We have a wide spectrum of experience in treating recreational exercisers to professional athletes of all ages from children to Octagenarians! We have unique expertise in treating children and adolescents and also have an interest in sport and exercise for older people.

Dr Jones and Dr Newton have worked for the English Institute of Sport for a number of years where they treat elite athletes in a wide variety of Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Dr Speers has experience working with professional high level football and rugby teams, as well as across many other sports including cricket, athletics, rowing and racket sports.

Whether you are a high level athlete or a casual exerciser, we will give you the highest quality of care to enable you to return to the activity of your choice as quickly and safely as possible.