Children & Adolescents

Our clinicians are specialists in treating children and adolescents with Exercise and Sport related injury.

Our clinicians have specialist experience, in both the NHS and elite environments, of caring for children and adolescents with sports related problems. In particular we have worked with young gymnasts, rowers, rugby players, footballers and swimmers who are already competing at a high level. We run an NHS service dedicated to young people with musculoskeletal injury and have done for many years.

Children and adolescents develop different problems to adults who participate in sport and exercise and generally get very frustrated at the prospect of having to stop taking part in sport or playing in their teams. As well as experience in the care of children and knowledge of the growing and developing body, looking after young athletes requires an understanding of their sporting environment, the importance of parental input and liaising with schools and coaches to facilitate a safe return to sport.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of the particular challenges of injury in young people and have access to a highly experienced network of specialists who can help, where necessary, in returning young people to full sport participation.