Sports injury clinic testimonials

“Please will you thank Julia for me – I really felt she understood my problem and I finally feel confident of a way forward.” (May 2018)

“Since my last appointment with Dr. Jones I’ve managed to make it through a full hockey season without any recurrence of the injury or any other injuries and the correspondence sent out with the e-mail below it mentioned I was targeting entering the London Marathon in 2018. I was unable to gain entry in that marathon but have successfully completed the Manchester marathon last Sunday in a time of 3hr 39 minutes. No issues noted other than the standard one of feeling absolutely shattered after completing it.

Thank you very much for your diagnosis, treatment and help with managing my recovery to allow me to get back to doing what I enjoy.” (April 2018)

“I wanted to thank you for being part of my marathon journey. I worked hard and completed in 4 hours and 14 minutes. I needed to trust my body and you gave me the courage to do so.”

“Without the comprehensive assessment that you undertook and the subsequent intensive and beautifully tailored physiotherapy programme, I would not be back in the saddle”

“Thanks to your combined professional advice and adhering strictly to the regime recommended , I managed to jog for most of the course and in a very reasonable timeframe under the circumstances (1 hour 13mins)We have raised nearly £2000K for Crohns & Colitis UK, so once again thank you for the professional part you played in this”

“I feel a great debt of thanks to you and your very practical approach, the reassurance from the outset that I would return to full fitness meant alot especially when I was hobbling about on crutches.”

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought that was the end of my life as I knew it. You gave me the confidence and motivation to continue with my running both during and after my treatment. This really helped me through. Thank you.”

“I was so worried about my son and his rowing. I was worried he was going to continue to get injured and this would be the end of his dreams. Thank you for helping him(and me) understand how not to get injured and what to do when something hurts…”

We had an absolutely brilliant walking/scrambling/ camping trip in Iceland. My feet coped really well over 15-20 km per day, and we reached remote and amazing places and often saw almost no-one.
A huge thank you for arranging the help to enable me to do this.